Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Tom's Music World

Tom's Music World!
Music Instrument & Collectibles
RENSIE Wind-Up Clock & Music Machine
Mechanical Clock with build-in Wind-Up Music Alarm Machine 
Alarm Music Clock
The Music Machine Made in Switzerland
The Clock Made in Germany
Blue "Radio-look-a-like" Cabinet in Hard Plastic
Small Clock for Table & Travel Use
Tom's Clock & Instruments Collection
Tom's Toy World - TOMANIA

Tom's Studio Music Multimixer

Yanagisawa Saxophone!
Made by Yanagisawa in Japan
Great Vintage Saxphone Model
Tom's Musical Instruments Collection
TRC - 15.010 TRC/TIC


Tom The Guitarman!

Some Guitars from Tom's Collection

Vintage Music Instrument Collection

Vintage Music Instruments

Tom Trix

Amati Kraslice Saxophone

Lignatone Accordion Monotone
Vintage Bluetone Accordion
Trekkspill 6x20 = 120 Basser - 4 Register
Made in Czechoslovakia
Tom's Musical Instrument Collection


- Sousaphone - Sousafon -
Brass Music Instrument Couesnon Sousaphone Paris
Serial no. (1) 26357 Monopole Conservatoires
Made in France
 This one is now SOLD!

TEAC Audio Mixer Model 2
Made in Japan

DJ-Tech MX-120 USB - Twin USB Mixer

DJ-Tech Professional MX-120 Twin USB DJ-Tech DJ-4 Studio DJ System
12 Watts Amplifier
Studio DJ-4 Satellite Speakers

 DJ-Tech DJ-4 Studio DJ System 12 Watts Amplifier
Studio DJ-4 Satellite Speakers

Behringer AC108
15W Vintage Tube Guitar Amplifier


Cremona Rex Reisegrammofon 
Sveivegrammofon Portable Wind-up Grammophone 
Ragnvald A. Hornaas Musikkhandel 
Storgaten 43 Oslo Norway

Musima Jubeltone
Vintage Zither Autoharp
33 String
Made in Germany
Tom's Music Instrument World - TOMANIA

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